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Our training is provided by SELCAT, the South East Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training. 1-678-423-1338

Our Major Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are provided by LINECO, the Line Construction Benefit Fund. 1-800-323-7268

Our defined contribution plan is NEAP, the National Electrical Annuity Plan. 1-301-556-4300

Our current NEAP contribution for the Outside Construction Agreement is 20 %

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Local News

This page is your direct link to all news immediately affecting the Local.

To remain a strong organization, we need to communicate with each other, and this Web site will help us to share news and stay connected to our union brothers and sisters.

Please check here for any updates regarding the work picture, on the job site news, and more.

Also check here for updates regarding US Labor News, our affiliates, International IBEW news, local classifieds, membership updates and honors, and more.

New Dispatcher, Danny Marshall

We'd like to formally introduce you to our new Dispatcher, Danny Marshall. Danny comes to Team 222 from the field as a Journeyman Lineman. When in the field, he worked mostly with C&C Powerline, SPE Utility Contractors, and the City of Tallahassee. It is important to note, with Fred's retirement last year, we also retired the FMorgan email address. For all book sign and dispatch needs, please email Danny at his new email address: Dispatch@IBEW222.org

South Florida Update: March 2017

The work picture in South Florida is looking well and is expected to be going strong for the future -- with projections of a positive work picture through the end of 2018.

By our estimates, there are approximately 200 members employed with Union contractors in South Florida.

In substation work, Hooper has been able to hold their own, working as many crews as possible even though the Non-Union contractors are all over the area. They have even been able to put some apprentices to work.

In distribution, we have a pretty substantial representation. ARC American has been working in South Florida for the past six month doing distribution in Miami and Broward County and is consistently working about 15 lineman. Michels Power is working in the Keys and they picked up some work in Broward County doing distribution. Heart Utilities has pick up distribution in South Florida. They were awarded the contract for changing out the trip savers on FP&L property. Edison is working in Broward doing distribution. They are in negotiations with FP&L for a five year contract extension.

Jordan High Voltage is doing distribution and underground in Dade and Broward counties -- working about 40 men consistently. Richardson-Wayland is working in Miami doing underground and is going strong. They're even looking to put more crews on in the up and coming weeks.

Extreme has been working in Okeechobee and has pick up more work in West Palm.

W.A. Chester is finishing the pipe cable work they had in Miami.

As Local 222 and our contracting partners continue to grow in Florida -- especially South Florida -- we must continued to reach out to any and all qualified workers in our industry. An abundance of work can only be successfully and safely completed by the organization who has the most qualified members. IBEW Local 222 has all intentions of being that organization.

Willy Dezayas

After over a quarter century in office, Business Manager, Mike Bell retires!
Read his parting words here:

To all IBEW Local Union 222 Officers and Members past and present -

I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU ALL for your support for over a quarter of a century as your Business Manager and Financial Secretary. I wish I could name everyone in this article but then it would be far too large to publish.

When I was asked to serve as the first Business Manager of Local Union 222, it was 1989 and I was 39 years old. On September 11 this year, I turned 67 and decided it was time to retire and let the new team take the reins.

We have really come a long way from when Local Union 222 had a paltry few thousand dollars in the bank and somewhere about 220 members. Work was extremely slow and we were constantly giving concessions in an effort to acquire work for the membership.

Today we have over 700 members with the majority making a good living and we have an abundance of work with several newly signed contractors in our area. We have a new building and 8 acres of property that the Local Union uses to put on events that are fun and enjoyable for our members and their families, and all of it paid for!

We have excellent leadership in new Business Manager Bill Hitt and his entire staff of dedicated hard working Assistants and office staff that will serve the needs of the membership for many years to come.

I ask that you show the same support and loyalty to Bill as you have for me over the past 27 years.

Gail and I are looking forward to retirement and playing golf along with traveling around the country in our RV seeing new things and meeting new people. I also plan to attend the meetings here in central Florida and the annual Christmas Party at the end of the year. I hope to see you all there.

So, it's not goodbye - it's more like so long and I will see you later as a proud Retiree of Local Union 222!

James M. Bell

Membership News

222 Members Hailed Amber Alert Heroes!

When a child goes missing, Amber Alerts are distributed via text message and are also shared on digital interstate signs across the state. We've all received these messages at some point, but not many of us can say we are the reason a child has been rescued from potential harm.

An Amber Alert was canceled recently after two children taken from St. Petersburg were found safe in Madison County. On a Thursday afternoon, the Amber Alert was received by Rabun "Trip" Adams, Alex Cardenas, and Bradley Dees while working in Madison on the West Lake Terminal Transfer Project with C and C Power Line, Inc.

The alert indicated the children were believed to have been taken in a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle our members later discovered was parked at the hotel they were staying in that night. Thanks to their quick response to the alert, deputies arrived and were able to rescue the children with no incident; the suspect was taken into custody by deputies on a warrant issued by the St. Petersburg Police.

The attention to detail and the overall awareness Trip, Alex, and Bradley displayed not only rescued these two children, but is also a life-saving trait in our industry. We are very proud of their actions and glad we can call them our brothers!

This article can be read in our newsletter. We mail the newsletter to our active and retired members. For a digital copy of the newsletter, click here.

How To Get On The Out Of Work List

All book signs must include first and last name, telephone number to be reached at, card/ticket number, and a sentence expressing your wish to be put on the books.

1. Members of Local 222 can mail in a post card or blue out of work card to get on the books. When you mail in a post card we take the post-marked date to enter your name on the out of work books.

2. Members can E-Mail local 222 at (office@ibew222.org).

3. Members may also send in a fax.

4. You can come to the office and sign the out of work book.

Let Us Know When You Move

Please be sure that the Local Union Office has your current address and phone number on file. We will need to notify your funds and health insurance, as well as the International Office should you move. You might want to include your E-Mail address as well. This will ensure we can better keep in touch with you.


President: William Dezayas

Vice President: John Harrell

Recording Secretary: Fred F. Morgan

Treasurer: Shelby Mathis

Business Manager / Financial Secretary and Delegate to the International Convention: William F. Hitt

Executive Board:

James Puzon
Robert Pitts
Danny Powell

Examining Board

Brent Ruedeman
Pat O'Connor

US Labor News

As a new feature of our Web site, we are partnering with LabourStart to provide recent labor-related headlines and articles all just one click away.

Obama says the US needs strong Unions.

Labor Secretary Solis determined to pass Employee Free Choice Act.

AFL-CIO elects new president with a laundry list for the White House.

Replacing capitalism with democracy -- the target goal of Michael Moore's new film.

Labor Day is Health Care Rally Day.

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