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Our training is provided by SELCAT, the South East Line Constructors Apprenticeship and Training. 1-678-423-1338

Our Major Medical, Dental, and Vision benefits are provided by LINECO, the Line Construction Benefit Fund. 1-800-323-7268

Our defined contribution plan is NEAP, the National Electrical Annuity Plan. 1-301-556-4300

Our current NEAP contribution for the Outside Construction Agreement is 20 %

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Pic 2 Bill's Business Manager's Report

As your Business Manager and Financial Secretary, part of Bill Hitt's job is to share the latest Local news with the membership. On this page, you can always find a copy of his latest report and any other media coverage we may have had.

Your Business Manager's Report

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The Local has had a very busy and productive six months, the first weeks of October had over 40 out-of-town contractors come in to help our local contractors restore power after Hurricane Matthew.

In December the Local held our year end party, we had record attendance and an excellent live band. A good time was had by all. Along with wishing Mike Bell and Fred Morgan many happy returns in retirement we also had pony rides for the kids and raised money for our Children's Fund.

January and February saw three more Union contractors pick up purchase orders on FP&L property. We also used December, January and February to install our apprentice training and lineman evaluation yard here at the main office. I have included some pictures. This yard will be used by our apprentices for climbing, transformer and general line building training. And in addition, our Examining Board will use it to field test incoming lineman. John Harrell and the apprentice class has spent a lot of time and effort turning the back yard into a top-of-the-line training area.

2017 is also our Local's election year. Local 222 will hold nominations and election of officers to serve for the next 3 years. Our nominations will be in May and the Election will be in June.

The local will be mailing out the official notices in April along with instructions for nominations and ballots. Please take the time to read the instructions carefully so your vote will count.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Union Meeting.


Bill Hitt

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